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I've followed Naina for over 10 years now and when it came time to figuring out wedding choreography, I knew I had to reach out! I reached out at a time when several restrictions were in place due to COVID but, the communication with her and her team was excellent! She was very quick at getting us our choreo... and my fiance and I loved it - in fact, she even gave us a few alternative moves! Naina went above and beyond and we would highly recommend her!

Gulsheen Client | Custom choreography

I’m absolutely in love with our dance!!! You did a fantastic job!! So so cute!! Thank you so much for creating this for us MEANS THE WORLD!!!! Loveee your expressions I just hope I can do the same haha

Zartasha Client | Custom choreography

I received a surprise Naach hoodie on my birthday earlier with Naina's personalized message!! I just wanted to say thank you for making my birthday even more special. She takes so much care of her fans. Lots of love and best wishes!

Sanjana Client | Merch

I just wore the hoodie it's so soft!!!

Radhika Client | Merch

The cropped shirt is SO unbelievably soft and comfortable, I love it!

Esha Client | Merch

I really enjoyed this process and pleased with the dance Naina choreographed for us. I am soooo excited to do it for my cousins wedding! Throughout the entire time Naina made sure we understood where to use a lehenga along with making sure we liked the choreography and asked if there was anything we specifically wanted in all the songs. It was very obvious that a lot of effort was put into making the mix! Thank you so much! If we ever need another dance to be choreographed, we know who to ask!!

Anjali Client | Custom choreography

I loved scrolling through and getting a glimpse of your artistic talent! You are a natural talent and sure make a positive change in my day!!

Seema Sethi Fan

One good thing during this pandemic is your recorded tutorials! You're such an amazing teacher!

Kamna Pachisia Client | Pre-recorded Tutorials

You're an amazing teacher, Naina! So patient and very humble. Love your tutorials!

Manroop Kaur Client | Virtual Classes

THEY ARE JUST SO GOOD! Easy!! Fun!! Also gives me so much motivation to learn more!

Mahnur Salman Client

Had fun Learning this choreography by @batra_naina through insta Live. She also conducts online classes and trust me her moves are amazing!!

Vandana Gandhir Client | Virtual Classes